It’s never too late to get involved with dance – as an audience member, aspiring performer or in your own community. Dance Consortium runs learning and engagement events alongside each tour so audiences can grow their knowledge and love of dance.

Access to world-class dance artists is at the heart of what we do. Open rehearsals and talks are a fascinating way to learn about the ideas and hard work which brings a dance production to the stage. Post show Q&As take place at every venue on our tours to allow audiences to ask performers and dance makers about the show. Fun and inclusive open workshops bring theatre foyers to life, on-stage masterclasses see the next generation of dancers learning from world-class performers. Inspiring dance and health workshops connect community groups with dance. Creative Conversations connect choreographers, dance artists and producers to share experiences and be part of an ongoing, open conversation about making dance.

Contact us to learn more about our year-round commitment to getting people excited and engaged with dance:

Ailey Project UK

The Ailey Project UK was launched in 2021, following a consultation with Dance Consortium member venues and building on previous Learning & Participation activity with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. The young people who we have worked with so far have had a range of engagements, from an introduction to Horton technique workshop delivered in person with ex-Ailey dancer, Marcus Jarell Willis, to learning repertoire directly from the dancers in New York via a satellite link up. Read more

Engaging communities with Dance

Dance Consortium’s tours bring a diverse range of international artists to the UK audiences. A varied and dynamic offer is created for community groups, schools and dance professionals which reflect the skills and dance styles of each company. Learning and participation events are led by performers and artists from our touring companies and participants always get to see the professionals in action on stage. Read more

Inspiring teachers and students studying dance

Inspiring teachers and students studying dance

Workshops and creative projects extend experiences beyond the theatre and into schools and colleges to support performing arts teaching and learning. Workshops, open rehearsals and ‘meet the artist’ events connect teachers and learners with highly regarded international dance artists. Read more

Unlocking careers in the arts

Future Leaders

Dance Consortium supports creative careers through its joint initiative with One Dance UK, the industry body for dance. Dance Ambassadors/Future Leaders run aims to fire curiosity about careers in theatre by connecting aspiring dancers and arts leaders with theatre staff at Dance Consortium’s 19 venues across the UK to learn about different job roles and career options in the arts. Read more

Connecting with Arts Award

Careers workshop

Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents. Arts Award is accessible, creative and valuable; it connects young people’s ambition with action. Dance Consortium is pleased to be an Arts Award supporter. In this role we hope to signpost people to as many arts experiences as possible within our programme to help you complete your award. Read more

Engaging and supporting dance professionals

Dance Consortium events contribute to professional development for UK artists and choreographers. Companies invite local dancers to participate in company class and Dada Masilo led a choreographic residency with ACE Dance and Music. The Creative Conversation series which has featured Emily Molnar and Dada Masilo explores performance, dance making and leadership. These events connect choreographers, dance artists and producers who want to share experiences and be part of an ongoing open conversation about making dance. 

Dance Consortium is a catalyst for sharing knowledge and networking amongst member venues. Each year member theatres meet to share best practice on creative learning and plan future initiatives.