Dance Consortium offers audiences, participants, students and dance enthusiasts a range of resources that enable them to find out more about the choreographers we work with and how a dance company operates.

Choreographers Index

Since its formation, DC has presented the work of over 40 different choreographers from all around the globe. To read more about them, check out the Choreographers Index, where you can browse through and learn about the life and work of your favourite dance makers.

In and Around a Dance Company

Dance Consortium has also pulled together a range of resources showing you In and Around a Dance Company, which gives you an insight into the roles involved in running a dance company, from production manager to rehearsal director to artistic director.

The Dance Handbook

The Dance Handbook, written by Allen Robertson and Donald Hutera and published by Longman in 1988, is a classic reference book providing a wealth of information about the origins of modern dance. Dance Consortium has been kindly granted permission to publish five excerpts from the historical book, which can be used as a resource for students and dance enthusiasts alike.