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The Trocks in Guatemala

Things have gotten off to a good start so far in 2011. Our US/ Canada tour went as planned and blessedly everyone has managed to keep in good form. Personally I find that our early part of the year performances, which are generally relegated to stateside touring, can at times be less than exciting but so far it’s been fun. This isn’t implying the shows as much as the travel and conditions. Meeting Evelyn Hart (ballerina with Royal Winnipeg Ballet) was a personal kick for me. I think she’s one of the best Odette/Odile’s I’ve ever seen and I confessed to her that the old VHS tape my teacher owned when I was growing up was probably in pretty bad shape due to my constant viewing. I admit that much of my inspiration in the role comes from her. We enjoyed her coming to guest teach for us and her positive feedback in return was really special.

We’ve had some great opportunities to have moments of respite from the unusually harsh winter we’ve been having. One of these was a short visit to Miami, FL. A chance to leave the coats and boots and other winter wear in the suitcase for a couple days. The highlight being an enjoyable afternoon at the gorgeous home of Adrienne Arsht, a great promoter of the arts with a snazzy personality as well as a unique and classy sense of personal style.

It’s nice to have security in the fact that we’re generally well received, but I think the company has grown tighter as a group enhancing our appeal. Thanks largely in part to our manager Isabel Martinez who is tirelessly working to ensure everything goes smoothly, on and off the stage. I don’t believe we could function as well on our own without her. She’s a real jewel and I feel privileged to have such a force to work with. She has my personal and professional admiration always.

Right now we’re on a short break after having just returned from Guatemala. The last time the company was there was in 2002 to participate in the Festival Paiz, a biannual festival held in the small town of Antigua at the outdoor venue Ermita de la Santa Cruz. From my memories of our earlier visit it seemed as if everything was the same. A beautiful, quaint mountain town bustling with the indigenous peoples of the area sprinkled with tourists. The venue is at the ruins of an old church destroyed by an earthquake in 1773 save for the facade used as the backdrop to the stage enriched by the sky and the mountains in the background. Truly a beautiful sight.

During the day the sun was out and the temperature was warm and beautiful but at night it got cooler. as in the mountains this is common. It was a true test to get through the two shows we did but they went off without a hitch and we gave our all and were rewarded with very pleased presenters and audiences.

Altogether a great weekend that I think will be looked back on fondly by all those present.

Robert Carter/ Olga Supphozova