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Davide Marongiu

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Trocks at Glasgow King’s Theatre

I have a particular love for Scotland. In my mind I picture these beautiful landscapes as I sit on top of a rock overlooking the sea in a thick wool sweater. A comforting picture, of immense beauty, that I always associate with this country. Unfortunately, as busy as my schedule is, I haven’t quite sat on that rock yet but I can’t help but enjoy everything else that surrounds me. The warmth of Scottish people is something beyond courtesy, it’s the kind of warmth that is given without asking anything back. I love listening to their charming accent when I ask for information on the streets.  We were lucky to have two days off in Glasgow, I don’t mind that the sun hasn’t shined once because the allure of the city is even more beautiful under the dim light filtered by the clouds.

Yesterday upon arrival I literally crashed on my bed, exhausted. Those of you who are familiar with jet lag understand what a dreadful experience that might be. I have always suffered from jet lag even after traveling for a good half of my life. As a dancer, the swelling of my lower extremities post flight is definitely not pleasant and I have to go through a series of steps, religiously, to get rid of that. A bath is in order, so no matter how bad I would like  to sleep I have to do that before indulging under the sheets. After that I drink something like two liters of water in order to facilitate hydration and help the liquids move around my body…then I can finally sleep. I don’t fight the jet lag because any hour of sleep I get is invaluable when I will be getting ready for the show on Tuesday. I have two pairs of pointe shoes that are looking at me from the desk in front of my bed. They need to be sewn (put ribbon and elastic on them) but all I want to do now is go out and sit at one of these lovely cafes and watch the city go by before my eyes.  I haven’t had a chance to see the city’s Cathedral yet, which I plan on doing on my second day off. I also heard about an area of vintage shops and I can’t wait to discover what treasures they might be holding.

The hotel has a really nice fitness center, heaven on earth for a fitness addict like me. Another step of my recovery from jet lag, involves physical activity to stimulate metabolism. I worked out for an hour with my good friend Giovanni, we also went swimming in the pool and relaxed in the steam room and sauna. I can’t help but feeling a little homesick, a familiar feeling for any of us who’s leaving a significant other at home. It is not easy, especially when I have days off and I have to occupy my time in one way or another. That’s why I Iove the gym: it keeps my mind and my body busy when I feel a little blue. I also bury myself in a good book, right now I am reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and it’s giving me a lot of stress.

I can’t wait to be onstage again. I know that because I can’t stop dancing around in my room, all this to the amusement of my roommate who looks at me like I’m crazy but in the end really understands what’s going on.  Only one more day before our opening night in Glasgow.

March 7th, 2011

By the time I finish this blog, those pointe shoes have been sewn, so they are not looking at me angrily from across the bed, I hope they will be nice to me on stage..  I am getting ready to meet Iliana Lopez (our lovely ballet mistress) and go out with her and my roommate Giovanni (who is still looking at me like I’m crazy while I dance the steps of “Go for Barocco” in our room). It is a little chilly and the sunlight is still filtered and dim and I love it.

I am sipping hot tea and looking out of the window. A little less homesick and finally getting over the jet lag ….

Can’t wait to be charmed by Scotland all over again.

See you soon.
Davide Marongiu (Giuseppina Zambellini)