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Aline Machado, Dancer

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We arrived in Newcastle on May 23rd at night. It had been an amazing day in Edinburgh and happened just what I’d predicted: after enjoying so much a city, in the one next I must rest. I arrived completely tired, my eyes couldn’t stay opened, was like my battery had turned off, lol… Fortunately, we’ve stayed in an apartment, this time even larger than the Birmingham’s one. It made me feel completely at home, what has becoming strictly necessary at this step of our tour. We left Brazil exactly one month ago from now. And the tour has been undoubtedly tiring, for me and the others dancers too. But that’s part of a schedule we’ve been used to, and although all the tiredness we love to perform lots of times, in as much different places we can. Now we’re at the middle of this trip, we’ll only come back to Brazil on July. That’s why I’ve decided that here, in Newcastle, I have to carry my batteries again, otherwise I won’t be able to live the rest of this with the intensity it needs.

On May 24th I woke up at the latest hour since my tour began: almost 11a.m. It was a sensation like restart living, my body had claimed for this rest! In the afternoon we went to have rehearsal at the studio inside the Theatre Royal. The work began with a wonderful ballet class with teacher Viv Wood. Just in the beginning we noticed that would be a different class. The melodies that were played tried to make us work with pleasure, inspiring us to have a relaxing time. In despite of the rigidity of ballet technique, it’s also possible to work in different ways, and teacher Viv brought us that. Her classes had ecletic songs, from Amy Winehouse to the Hail Mary. I confess I was touched by the some of them… When it happens is a way to make me feel working together with body, mind and heart. And it’s vital to an artist: when we don’t work with the hearth, we cannot reach and touch the audience’s hearths. That’s the reason of my job. When tiredness becomes stronger, we must look for other focus to do the best of our work: if the body is weak and the mind is full, this force must come from the heart. And after this revigorating class I was brand new to have rehearsal with Jackie and Karina.

On May 25th I stayed in the hotel in the morning, just enjoying my home sweet home,lol… Having a wash machine and a microwave was great to feel like this. In the afternoon I went to the theatre to begin my work. The performance began a little bit earlier in Newcastle, at 19:30 p.m. The audience was full of people (thanks God) and they really appreciated our job. I loved to listen to the praised commentaries during the answer and question. That was a very interesting question this time: a girl asked where we intend to be in ten years from now. How creative she was! I really didn’t know this answer, neither my friends… Only Daniel answered that would be in a house in the country, causing lots of laughs!

On May 26th I did the same thing than in the previous day: rested in my home! And I had to go to the theatre earlier to use the Wi-Fi access, so I almost spent all the day in the Theatre Royal. The performance was really amazing, and teacher Viv went to our dressing rooms to congratulate us in a very lovely and special way! Thank you teacher, and thank you Newcastle. I promise that when I come back here someday I’ll be ready to enjoy this beautiful city as it deserves!