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The Batsheva Ensemble tour is now fully underway having performed at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, The Lowry and The Alhambra Theatres.

The reviews they are receiving are exceptional, and unanimous in their praise. One of our favourites was:

The talent, maturity and complexity of the dancer’s abilities belie their tender age. Dancer, Oz Shoshan prologues the show as the audience filters to their seats. He’s dancing alone on stage. It looks improvised, it might be choreographed, either way, it’s the best opening I’ve seen in recent years and a sample of things to come. There’s a wry sense of mischief in Shoshan’s performance as well as remarkable skill and poise and I can’t help salivating. I am not disappointed. The show is wonderfully anarchic, spiritual, beautiful, moving and hilarious. The pieces are explosive and charming concurrently and, even though sometimes they may not fuse together as a whole menu, they are, individually, delicious.’ (The Public Reviews, Sally Cinnamon)

"Engaging and beautiful."

Batsheva Ensemble on stage at The Lowry

It’s official: Batsheva Ensemble are a hit! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the UK think.

Have you seen them yet? Please do leave a review in our Audience Reviews page if you have. We share these with the company, who love reading them, and reviewers will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the tour!

The other good news is Ensemble dancer Tamir Eting is going to be blogging for us both with a few diary entries, and also images straight from the tour bus/venues/post-show shenanigans. Watch out for these!