Dance Consortium presents

The 7 Fingers – Passagers (2021)

21 September - 12 October

“An interwoven work that creates an emotional stirring within. It is contemplative, thought provoking, and inspiring. The mixture of theatre, dance, and music with circus performance skills results in an expressive art form unto itself.”

“A self-contained world filled with imagination and possibility, one that is by turns charming and poignant, exciting and ruminative.”

“In “Passengers,” every element of production came together to create a show that, while smaller in scope than Cirque du Soleil, creates wonder of the same magnitude. The beauty and ingenuity of this show make it a must-see for all audiences.”

“If you like dance, music, or acrobatics you will regret not seeing this performance. If you like trains or people watching don’t let this pass you by. If you ever wonder about human connections then you will have to see this performance.”

“7 Fingers achieves what most contemporary circus acts can only dream of — the fusion of mass entertainment and intellectual exploration.”

“Passengers, elevates the genre from mere circus performance to genuine art. With Passengers, The 7 Fingers has truly put the ‘art’ in circus arts. See it.”

“The electric show, consisting of eight supremely talented acro-artists, runs the gamut of both acrobatic feats and emotional content in an action-packed 90-minute performance.”

Showed at:

  • Tue 21 - Wed 22 Sep 2021 7.30pm and 1.00pm
    Birmingham Hippodrome
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  • Fri 24 - Sat 25 Sep 2021 7.30pm
    Milton Keynes Theatre
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  • Tue 28 Sep 2021 7.30pm
    Hull New Theatre
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  • Thu 30 Sep - Fri 1 Oct 2021 7.30pm
    Brighton Dome
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  • Tue 5 - Wed 6 Oct 2021 7.30pm
    Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham
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  • Mon 11 - Tue 12 Oct 2021 7.30pm
    Theatre Royal Plymouth
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