Dance Consortium presents

Mark Morris Dance Group – Pepperland

20 March - 1 May

The Pepperland tour features post-show Q&As, masterclasses and dance workshops for young dancers, families, over 60s and people living with Parkinson’s. These events are led by world class dance artists from Mark Morris Dance Group. Dance Consortium and our venues are committed to getting more people excited and engaged with dance.

Workshops and Community Events

MMDG foyer workshop, Cantebury, photo David Oxberry

MMDG foyer workshop, Cantebury, photo David Oxberry

Mark Morris Dance Group are pioneers in development of dance classes for people living with Parkinson’s. These classes explore movement in ways that are enjoyable, stimulating and creative and, as shown by an increasing body of scientific evidence, can have some benefits in supporting balance and confidence.
Mark Morris Dance Group is leading dance activities for people living with Parkinson’s alongside the Pepperland tour. Company dancers will teach seven classes in cities including Newcastle, Norwich, Birmingham, Dublin and London. Dance Consortium is delighted to be working with Dance for Parkinson’s UK partnership with People Dancing on this partnership.

A symposium takes place in London on 21 March. This event is a brings together nearly 100 health and arts specialists to examine ways to give more people access to the creative experience that dance offers.

Dance is a great way to keep mobile and active. For people living with a long-term health condition the real value of dancing is how it enables people to step out of the role of being a patient and to help them live well with illness.