Rodrigo Pederneiras


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Profile: It was only in 1988, when working in Uakti, that I started thinking about what it would be like to make a dance which would be more inside our body. Rodrigo’s words define a crucial moment not only for his career but also for Grupo Corpo as well.

The Early Years: Rodrigo learned how to dance on the street and his language is essentiallya modern one. In his own way he harbors the xaxado, the samba, the ball room dance, the celebrations, the capoeira. Everything is translated into a private world, where, dynamics and balance have even more meaning than movement. Always guided by music, Rodrigo “breaks” the classical movements in an intensely brazilian way, however, entirely free from the exotic, from boastful and from easy identities.

Choreography: Being Grupo Corpo’s choreographer since 1978, Rodrigo’s work is now known and recognized nationally and internationally. He has choreographed for the Ballet do Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, the Ballet do Teatro Guaíra, the Ballet da Cidade de São Paulo and the Companhia de Dança de Minas Gerais. Outside Brazil: Deutsche Oper Berlin Company (Germany), Gulbenkian (Portugal), Les Ballets Jazz Montréal (Canada), Stadttheater Saint Gallen (Switzerland), and Opéra du Rhin (France).