Fernando Marzan

Composer, Musical Director and Pianist

Fernando continues the legacy of the Marzan family as a line of extremely reputable and well-known musicians in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his musical studies at the age of six. His early achievements include Choir Director at age 14 and Professor of Music from the National Conservatory of Music at age 17. In addition, he refined and perfected his skill as a classical pianist under the tutelage and direction of the very finest professors in Argentina and United States.

Some of his many CD recordings include the soundtracks of Evita, starring Madonna, and The Impostors, starring Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci. In 1996, he recorded The Suite for USA with Ruben Gonzalez and the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra. In 2000, he recorded Watashi with famous Japanese artist Taro Hakase. In 2002, he recorded with the singer Martin de Leon and with the Carlos Galvan Orchestra. He has worked with the Swedish singer Rolando Pomo on two albums: Pasional and Barrio de Tango. In 2007, he recorded a CD with the famous Argentinean singer Maria José Mentana. In 2008, he arranged and recorded the album Audacia for the Danish-Argentinean singer Victor Hugo Díaz. As a soloist, he has produced five albums: Bendita Buenos Aires, Recuerdo, Gotanda Tango Station, Tanguera y Tangueando en los ´40. He has also recorded four CDs with Forever Tango.

Since 1994, he has been the pianist for the Broadway/London hit production of Forever Tango. With this company he has toured for seven years throughout the United States and Canada, Japan and many other countries around the world (Italy, England, Portugal, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, to name a few). In 2002, he also took on the musical direction of the show Tango Seduction, touring throughout Europe. In 2003, he became the Musical Director and arranger for the show Tango Buenos Aires, which toured to more than fifty cities in USA and was widely acknowledged as one of the best tango shows that had toured the country. In 2004, he joined the show Tango Dreams, performing in more than 100 presentations in Tokyo, Japan. In 2006, he was back again with Forever Tango, touring the United States. In 2008, he was the Musical Director of the show “Tango Premium”, performed by the last five World Champion Tango Dancers.

In previous years, Fernando has worked with many well-known musicals and television shows, including popular Argentinean television shows, such as La Noche del Domingo, Alejandro Dolina, and Hola Susana, among others. As a tango pianist he played for the most prestigious tango houses, like Michelangelo, Casablanca, La Ventana, Tango Mio.