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Raffaele Morra

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The Trocks on BBC Breakfast

Raffa on stage

We have been back in the UK for almost two weeks: a couple of shows in Salford at the Lowry theatre, then Birmingham at the Hippodrome and Canterbury at the Marlowe Theater. We are now on the coach traveling to Nottingham. Just like last time I was here, I am sitting on the bus admiring the beautiful English countryside that I’ve always loved and I have to say: it’s wonderful to be back. The Trocks are back with some of our best ballets, something new, some surprises especially directed to the British audiences and of course all the fun that comes with our shows. Already a couple of very interesting reviews have expressed how much the British audience loves the Trocks, and believe me, the love is very reciprocal. The Trocks travel all over the world, and of course the audiences are never the same, due to different backgrounds and cultures…but the reaction of the British audience is difficult to forget…

My life as a Trock is full of moments and experiences that are very difficult to forget: I have danced before Royal Families, in some of the greatest theaters of the world (most recently in the renown Arena in Verona, Italy) and participate to TV shows all over the world. Together with my friend, Davide Marongiu, I was recently interviewed by the hosts of a morning time BBC program: BBC Breakfast.

All of this is very exciting and unforgettable, but is related to my job: something I dreamed of, imagined it happening, studied and worked hard to achieve.

But last December 24th The Trocks did something quite unusual for us: at 9:00 am the full company was ringing the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange. A morning I will never forget. What I really loved, is that it was really something I would have never dreamed of. My life has always been directed toward ballet and my dancing career, and I would never had thought of being one day in the Centre of our Capitalistic World. It was really thrilling and felt quite unusual to be there walking in our pink, purple and red tutus, pointe shoes, wigs and eyelashes among white collared gentlemen in their dark suits all looking at their computers and at screens full of figures and diagrams that I don’t understand, but apparently rule the world. Everyone was very enthusiastic about us for being there, and them for having a splash of colour in their Christmas Eve’s Day.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo rings the NYSE Opening Bell

That’s why I love my job; we bring joy and happiness, brightness and colour into people lives and for the next few week I am glad to do so here in the UK.

Raffaele Morra, aka Lariska Dumbchenko.