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The Trocks in Wimbledon

I am so happy to be back in London!!!! First of all it makes me feel home being in Europe. But also it reminds me of the time I’ve spent here while I danced with the English National Ballet. During those three months I was hanging out mostly by myself discovering the city and all its attractions. I love London because you can find a lot of peculiar shops, above all vintage shops. Not only clothing, but also stores with old movies, books and pictures about Hollywood actresses. I love all that and it really excites me! I love shopping in London! But I was pretty surprised to see that after almost three years that I haven’t been there I remembered all the streets where my favorite stores are.

So the per diem of the whole week disappeared with a blink of an eye!!

But what made the three days here in London even more pleasant was seeing one of my best friends, the Italian Emanuela, that is dancing here with a small company. We hung out together, had a lovely dinner and talked a lot! It is always wonderful to meet up with some friends after a long time you didn’t see them! And this happens quite often in the ballet world.

You go somewhere and you find that a very close friend of yours just moved to that city…or is dancing there or attending some workshop. This is one of the things I like the most about the dancer’s life.

I hope to meet a lot of friends in all the cities I am going to visit with the Trocks in the future! I am mostly excited about the tour in Italy in May. I am going to see my family and I am going to have the chance to perform in my own country…this is a treat for me!

I am enjoying very much touring so far! Everything has been great, I love performing and feeling the warmth of the audiences in the different countries we have been to. British people are great audiences, and it is nice to hear them clapping and screaming at the end of the show. It makes me feel that all the efforts I went through during the day were totally worth it, and they give me plently of energy for the day to come!

I am really looking forward to the next shows. But first of all I really need to do laundry!!! I have been very busy in London these days and didn’t have time to wash my clothes. The life of a dancer in tour means also dealing with everyday’s needs. And the luggage weight. Is all my shopping gonna fit in the suitcase now?? :-O

Alberto Pretto