Mark Morris Dance Group: Shoes, shoes, shoes


Rita Donahue, Dancer

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Today is the second show day in our second city of the tour.  These are the tour days that I look forward to the most.  The first showdays involve long afternoon rehearsals before we even begin to warm up for the curtain.  But on a day like today, we have the luxury to explore the city we are in, or just to stay in our hotel and read a book.  I happened to do a little bit of both today.

I passed through the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery this morning, which I was surprised to see housed an enormous shoe collection.  Our page-turner in this city, Christine, said, “We just do shoes here.”

That’s no joke either as I found out that the local football team is even named the Cobblers.  I got a kick out of the collection of theater shoes, which included a signed pair of Margot Fonteyn’s shoes and the infamous pointe shoes that Moira Shearer wore in “The Red Shoes.”

Speaking of shoes, I better take mine off and get into costume.  We are at 15 minutes to curtain and I am still sitting at our company manager’s computer!  One more show and then off to London….