Mark Morris Dance Group: Greetings from Aldeburgh!

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Samuel Black, Dancer

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Edinburgh was fantastic.  I had dinner with a family friend, and roamed around the castle.  Sunday, our day off there, Craig Biesecker, Michelle Yard, Lesley Garrison, and I rented a car and took a trip up into the Highlands.  I knew it would be beautiful, but not this beautiful.  The scenery was stunning and dramatic, and we had a delicious lunch at a hotel in Crianlarich.  Next was Cardiff, and unfortunately we didn’t have a full day off there.  I taught a master class for the Rubicon Dance Group, which went well, and had some good Dim Sum at a restaurant in the Mermaid Quay.  We were pleasantly surprised at our accommodations in Newcastle, which featured a well-stocked kitchen and comfy living room.  For a company that truly appreciates food, we were all glad to be able to cook our own meals.  I didn’t have much energy for a big trip on our day off, so I walked around the city, bought some gifts, and mulled some wine.

We arrived in this quaint and picturesque seaside town on Monday night, but it wasn’t until I woke up Tuesday morning that I could really appreciate how beautiful it is here.  Our hotel looks out onto the Channel, and the rocky beach is lined with fish shacks (one with a sign that reads, “Fresh Fish: Anything Fresher is Still Swimming”).  There are many antique shops and small bookstores, and one cinema, where 95% of the Mark Morris Dance Group (and probably a similar percentage of the overall Aldeburgh population) saw “An Education” last night.  All in all, this is the perfect town to bid the UK goodbye in.

Yesterday (17/11), Lesley and I took an hour-long bus ride to Woodbridge, a town known for its Tide Mill.  We spent a few hours walking around (the weather was pretty much perfect), going into some local stores, and having delicious cappuccinos and scones.  We ended our trip there with a beer on the quay, and got some beautiful pictures of the water as the sun was starting to set.  We got back into town just in time to see the movie, and ended the night with a yummy meal at the Regatta.  Today, FINALLY, I’ll get the Fish and Chips I’ve been waiting for.  Here’s hoping they haven’t been overhyped…

I’ve had a great time travelling around the UK these past five or so weeks, and while I think I’m ready to be back home in New York, I’m sincerely looking forward to our next trip here.