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We have finally arrived, although still a little jet lagged. The audience has definitely awoken us. Tuesday was our opening performance. For those who weren’t able to make it out, we performed Suite Otis, The Hunt, Dancing Spirit, and In/Side, followed by Revelations. It was truly a great opening night with some of my favorite repertory being performed, and by the sound of it the audience enjoyed it as well. After the performance, we were greeted by and learned about the Dance Consortium, our great presenter for the U.K. Tour, and what a vast love you all have for contemporary dance. Judith Jamison spoke and introduced us all and we gave thanks for being able to come back and share our passion for dance with London audiences.

Today, September 15th, we premiered Christopher L. Huggins’ ANOINTED. I think Christopher might have been more nervous than the dancers. (LOL.) It was another dynamic performance starting with Judith Jamison’s Hymn, though a few audience members appeared startled by the bass drum in the soundtrack that suddenly beats hard and loud, as if calling an army to attention.

London has just been a great start for our international tour. I could not have asked for a better, more responsive audience. Thank you London!

Also, I didn’t forget that I owe you all some details on our experience at the White House for Michelle Obama’s first dance event honoring Judith Jamison. It was awesome!!! We rehearsed the show, and hung out with such incredible performers: “Billy” from Billy Elliot, Super Cr3w (break dancers who won second season of America’s Best Dance Crew) Washington Ballet, New York City Ballet, and Paul Taylor Dance Company. During our spare time we all were trying to learn some break dancing moves. Then right before the performance, each company was able to take a photo with the First Lady. The performance was great. Everyone looked amazing. The kids who attended the performance were also able to attend workshops held by each company. It was a very long day but anything for arts and education for young people and, of course, the First Lady.

Well, it has been a long day of rehearsals and performances and I must get some rest.  I still have a lot f sightseeing to accomplish.  Hopefully on Monday, Tower of London or Stonehenge.  In hopes of not waking at 3:30am again from being jet lagged, goodnight beautiful London.

Stay Blessed & Dance,