Cirkopolis: Life in London

Sam stands tall as Reuben balances on his head during their Hand to Hand act!


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Our first Dancer’s Diary of the Cirkopolis tour is from Sam Charlton. Sam specialises in Hand to Hand, Juggling, German Wheel, Banquine and Teeterboard

While being home schooled during his childhood, Samuel Charlton learned that he is a self directed learner. Home schooling taught Sam a great deal about his own learning style and how to push himself towards excellence. Sam has always been a very physical person; he has competed in numerous sports and was extremely successful in judo, winning many international competitions and 2 consecutive UK national championships. At 17, Sam decided to pursue the artistic side of his athletic talents and enrolled in the Circomedia Center in the UK, where he graduated with honors. At 18, he began intensive studies in physical performance and circus arts; first in Bristol, UK, where he met his partner Reuben Hosler, and then in Paris, where he quickly learned French. Samuel graduated from the National Circus School in Montréal in 2012. He believes that learning is a lifelong journey, and he enjoys sharing new experiences, learning about other cultures and meeting new people.

Here is what he had to say about his time in London performing at the Peacock Theatre.

It was great to be back on home soil after so long touring all over the world! Especially appreciated was the hustle and bustle of central London after spending the two preceding months in relatively small towns in France. Also having a good 2 weeks in the same place let us really get to know the neighborhood.

With the fairly full-on schedule we had in London there wasn’t much time to visit, although we did have a few lovely sunny afternoons wandering around Covent Garden, Camden Market or along the Thames.

Being back in the UK also meant lots of visitors, my Grandmother saw the show for the first time! Almost every show I had family or friends in the audience, often we went to the White Horse or the Ship Tavern for a drink or a bite to eat after the show.

It was a much enjoyed two weeks at the Peacock and I would happily have stayed another week.