Trocks Artistic Director, Tory Dobrin talks to Timeout New York


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Time Out New York:
How did you get into dance?

Tory Dobrin:
I’m from Los Angeles, and I started to dance when I was in high school. There was an earthquake and it destroyed L.A. High, so L.A. High came over to Fairfax High, where I was going to school, and we had to go to half-days. This was the ’60s, and back then you had to take PE. Anyway, there was an earthquake and the men’s PE teacher said, “Sorry, everything’s full. Go take dance.” There was a modern dance teacher at the school and she was a great, great teacher. She was from New York and had a studio on Broadway and was a Martha Graham person. So I studied in and around Los Angeles and went to Paris for my first year of college. None of this was planned. I met somebody who was studying mime at the Étienne Decroux school, and I started going there; I realized, I think I want to do this. But not the mime, actually. I couldn’t stand the mime. It was so tedious. I came back to Los Angeles and studied more intensely with different people.

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