Our new interns go on the road with Batsheva Ensemble

On the Batsheva Ensemble Tour Bus


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2 lovely LIPA students, 1 week, 1 incredible-international dance tour, and 1 brilliant mentor: Meet our new Dance Consortium interns! Louise and Charli.

The girls watch rehearsal

These lovely lasses have been keeping a diary of the last week shadowing Heather Knight, Dance Consortium Coordinator. You can read all about it here in their new blog.

Here’s an excerpt of some top-tips Heather provided them with on their first day:

‘We met with Heather at her hotel, (top tip #1, stay in a hotel that is right next to the theatre, so if needs be you can rush back and forth between the two) where we sat and discussed our past, the company’s past (both Dance Consortium and Batsheva) and what we want to do together.

During the meeting we added to our list of top tips:

#2 – Double check everything! You can never just assume that things will happen and that everyone else is as competent as you. Heather told us about an experience she had in which the company manager wasn’t actually booked into a hotel! eek!

#3 – To be a tour manager you must have a sense of humour and a love of peopleThis was certainly put into practice later in the day with one very impatient gentleman.

#4 – Be flexible – but always have a plan, even if the plan changes. 

#5 – Check if a flight is on time, always arrive early in case the flight is early, if it’s late… You must like drinking in the airport coffee shop. 

#6 – Negotiate prices and know what other companies’ figures are to help find a reasonable fee, both affordable and fair.